• PTPTN funding is open to all students at IPT who are pursuing full-time, part-time and long-distance studies at the following levels:
    1. Diploma
    2. Bachelor’s Degree
    3. Master’s Degree
    4. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    5. Professional Courses
  • Students who have received PTPTN funding for previous studies but failed to complete their studies can apply for a second funding to continue their studies after all previous debts have been settled. However, consideration for second funding is subject to the sufficient financial allocation.
  • Students who have received PTPTN funding and completed their previous studies can apply for a higher level of study. Applications for the same level of study will not be considered.
  • Students who have received a PTPTN loan but received funding from another sponsor can make a second application according to the categories below:
      1. For students who receive other sponsorships and overlap funding (receive funding from PTPTN and other sponsors in the same semester).
      2. Students can make a second application but must pay the overlapping funding AT THE SAME TIME within the specified period.
      3. Students who cancel PTPTN education funding and finance the rest of their studies themselves can make a second application but must submit an appeal along with the necessary supporting documents and confirm that the student is financing their studies without receiving funding from any other sponsor.
  • Funding will be stopped if students fail to continue their studies according to the major or IPT level stated in the funding application. Students are required to repay the money obtained from PTPTN throughout the period of study that has been followed as stipulated in the agreement.
  • Reminder! All new applications must check the schedule set by PTPTN and always contact the nearest branch directly. The Student Welfare Division, PusPEP is only a liaison and helps students from time to time.

Total PTPTN Education Financing Loans

The level of the loan amount is determined based on the qualifications below:

Loan LevelCredentials
MaximumIf a student or guardian of a student is listed as a recipient of Bantuan Sara Hidup Rakyat (BSHR)
76% of the maximum loanFamily income not exceeding RM8,000 (not available in BSHR data)
50% of the maximum loanFamily income above RM8,000 (not in BSHR data)

Program Sepenuh Masa

Program Separuh Masa

* Jadual ini akan berubah kepada keperluan dan ketetapan semasa

Issuance of PTPTN Education Financing Loans

  1. The first funding disbursement is made after the student returns the complete agreement document to PTPTN.
  2. Disbursement of funding to students for the following semester is made based on the following conditions:
    1. Still continuing studies at the approved level, major and IPT;
    2. Passed the exam in the previous semester with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or above; and
    3. Do not accept other sponsors.
  3. It is to be informed that PTPTN is not involved in reducing IPT tuition fees. The loan amount will be credited directly to the student’s account according to the semester, subject to confirmation from the IPT. A review of loan payments can be done on the Loan Statement and the borrower’s bank account statement.
  4. However, the IPT is permitted to make deductions from the student’s PTPTN Loan to pay tuition fees and any other costs imposed by the IPT without the student’s consent. Please refer to page 10/14, paragraph 3, in the Loan Agreement Appendix.

Inquiries / References

All students are advised to contact or meet the Welfare Unit, Student Affairs Management Center (PusPEP) officers and staff if they have any problems or questions.

Dr. Noorkartina Binti Mohamad
Pusat Pengurusan Ehwal Pelajar (PusPEP)
Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs)
Telefon: 04-9851150 (ext:127)

Encik Ilman Nabil Bin Ismail Bakri
Penolong Pendaftar, PusPEP
Telefon: 04-9851150 (ext:127)

Puan Nurul Syuhadah Binti Abdul Halim
Penolong Pegawai Tadbir, PusPEP
Telefon: 04-9851150 (ext:127)

Official Email PusPEP:
Official Email for Scholarship /Fund:

Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis
Taman Seberang Jaya Fasa 3,
02000 Kuala Perlis, Perlis.


Telefon: +604-9851150
Mon-Fri: 8:00 – 5:30
Closed : Sat-Sun

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