Food around Perlis

Perlis is a food paradise for food hunters. Located near the Satun region, the variety of food in Perlis has a strong influence from Thailand. However, there are still many exciting places to dine and experience Perlis culture through all types of food, such as traditional Malay, Western, and other foods.



Richiamo Coffee

Days out and activities

Perlis is the right destination for anyone who wants a vacation while enjoying the beauty of nature. Free from the noises of the city, Perlis will present you with a variety of green and calming scenery.

Taman Agrovet

Perlis Vineyard

Gua Kelam

Recreation, sports and leisure

Recreation refers to activities people choose to refresh their bodies and minds and make their free time more exciting and enjoyable. The recreational activities include walking, swimming, meditation, reading, playing games and dancing. Leisure time refers to the free time people can take from their daily responsibilities (e.g. work and domestic tasks) to rest, relax and enjoy life. In their free time, people participate in recreational activities and sports. Sport refers to any organized physical activity, e.g. football, rugby, soccer, basketball and athletics.

Bukit Lagi

Gunung Medan

Laman Woodball

Arts and Culture

Through visuals, performances and other art forms, people find joy and explore the themes of life. Art conveys meaning, cultural themes, and creative expression. Whether we're communicating our emotions, passions, perspectives or goals, having a platform to express ourselves is both a gift and a necessity. Youth can create art to share their thoughts and make a difference in supporting art and culture through advocacy and action.

Pesta Air

Pesta Angin Timur

Pesta Mentarang

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